A Look into the Professional Life of Wesley Ferreira 

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Fostering a Great Studio 

Becoming a member of a studio is one of many defining aspects of studying music within higher education whether within the collegiate or conservatory setting. I discuss my thoughts on how to use peer assisted learning and fostering a culture where students progress as a collective, independent of the teacher. 


Finding your Musical Mentor

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a music school, is the search for a musical mentor. The relationship between a music student and their private instructor is a special one. When that relationship becomes a student-mentoring relationship it can be become even more rewarding. 

The Clarinet Studio at Colorado State University is a dynamic and engaging program brimming with opportunities.  


Value is placed on achieving career goals, as well as striving for personal growth. The discipline needed to develop advanced skills on the clarinet is used in a broader context. A great amount of emphasis is placed on problem-solving, attention to detail, personal accountability, and fundamentals of clarinet technique, as well as developing leadership qualities, individual expression, and becoming self-aware. These are the values that students will take away with them long after graduation, into wherever their life and career path takes them. 


In the context of a supportive environment, students learn from one another by striving to succeed. Group discussion on pertinent topics, weekly performance masterclasses, and participation in chamber music groups and large ensembles allow students to become active performers and apply their knowledge in context. 


Guest artists are continually brought in to stimulate learning, and outside opportunities throughout the academic year and into the summer months are encouraged and sought out. 


Dr. Wesley Ferreira provides a large amount of individual attention to each student, discerning their strengths and weaknesses and developing an individualized clarinet curriculum to meet their needs and career goals.  He encourages thinking outside of the box and developing ones marketability in the ever-evolving place of music within society.  Technology is used to analyze physical and aural issues impeding growth and Ferreira uses several non-musical devises to spark awareness and give confidence to students performing on the clarinet. His personal mantra of "Press On" has become the clarinet studio mantra. Through persistence and determination, students can achieve success as musicians and as people. 

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