A Look into the Professional Life of Wesley Ferreira 

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It seems that the psyche of musicians may be fragile. Certainly, the number of books dealing with “psychology for musicians” or the “inner game of music” suggests a desire for musicians to process what they are dealing with internally.  Most performers would accept the notion that developing one’s craft is a journey through peaks and valleys. The daily practice required to maintain and develop skills, and the buildup to and execution of a performance requires time, motivation, and a large amount of mental energy. But how to we deal with issues of self-doubt?

As a developing musician, learning to deal with periods of doubt is a necessity. It is important to keep focused on the end goal, and to not allow the day to day difficulties discourage you. The book “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle defines resilience as the ability to recover from adversity. Coyle states that resilience is the skill of “reinterpreting setbacks in a positive, future-oriented light.”  I assert that resilience is built through the practice of persistence.

I have used the following quote to help me in this process.




"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistance.


Talent will not;

nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.


Genius will not;

unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.


Education will not;

the world is filled with edcuated derelicts.


Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent!"



                                                                     - Calvin Coolidge 




I was expose to this Calvin Coolidge quote by my mentors, both of whom had it framed and hanging on their studio walls, respectively. This made an impression on me. I have always used the quote as a source of inspiration and motivation. It has served as a reminder that no matter the difficulty, and no matter if I find myself in the depths of a valley, that I must trust in the process and press on. I now trust that determination and persistence will lead me to the top of the next peak, so that when I look back, my journey will seem all the more rewarding because I persevered.  This process has always given me the confidence needed to succeed, and I share it with you today in the hopes that it may too help you along your musical journey.






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Adversity through

As a developing musician, learning to deal with periods of doubt is a necessity. It is important to keep focused on the end goal, and to not allow the day to day difficulties discourage you. I share a quote by Calvin Coolidge that has guided my development, with the hopes that it too may help you along your musical journey. 

Finding your Musical Mentor

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a music school, is the search for a musical mentor. The relationship between a music student and their private instructor is a special one. When that relationship becomes a student-mentoring relationship it can be become even more rewarding. 

Fostering a Great Studio 

Becoming a member of a studio is one of many defining aspects of studying music within higher education whether within the collegiate or conservatory setting. I discuss my thoughts on how to use peer assisted learning and fostering a culture where students progress as a collective, independent of the teacher. 


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