A Look into the Professional Life of Wesley Ferreira 

IPMA Award Winner

Wesley Ferreira wins 2015 IPMA Award in the Instrumental Category for his recording of "Auto '66" (Madison Avenue recording). 

The International Portuguese Music Awards (
IPMA) recognizes outstanding achievement in the music industry by international artists of Portuguese ancestry. Multiple award categories honor exceptional artists for their abilities to inspire artists all over the world. Nominees are judged by a panel of music industry experts

Now under Artist Management

Wesley Ferreira has signed on with Price Rubin & Partners artist management. Visit this link to view his artist profile page.

Interactive Recital Streaming Online

"Clarinet in the Digital Age" is an interactive recital program in which the public is engouraged to vot on the repertoire selections to be performed. Clarinetist Wesley Ferreira is joined by New York pianist Daniel Fung for what will prove to be an exciting evening of collaboration and 21st century engagement. Recital Date: 03-09-15 (7:30pm MST). Live Streaming Online. Click here for more information.


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ClarinetFest 2015 - Guest Artist 

Wesley Ferreira was selected to perform at ClarinetFest 2015 in Madrid, Spain. He will also serve as a judge for the International Clarinet Associatoin's Young Artist Compeition held during the conference.

ClarinetFest is the International Clarinet Association's annual conference. It will be held from July 22-26, 2015.