A Look into the Professional Life of Wesley Ferreira 

CD Release on Centrediscs Label

"The nine works on ...between the shores, and the ships... represent the historic impact of the Acadian Deportation from Grand Pre in 1682. Soprano Helen Pridmore's performance captures the mood of fear and uncertainty expressed by the authors of the text, while clarinetist Wesley Ferreira portrays the calm strngth which the Acadians drew from the vast open space of the colony's landscape." 



ClarinetFest 2012 - Guest Artist 

Wesley Ferreira was selected to perform a recital at ClarinetFest 2012 in Lincoln, Nebraska. The recital is scheduled for Friday August 5th at the Johnny Carson Theatre.

ClarinetFest is the International Clarinet Association's annual conference. It will be held from August 1-5, 2013 on the campus of the University of Nebraska 


D'Addario Performing Artist

Wesley Ferreira is pleased to announce that he has been signed on as a D'Addario Performing Artist

Established in 1928, Rico is the world's largest manufacturer of woodwind reeds, and an innovator in the field. Rico's almost 80 years of reed making and experimentation have resulted in a variety of reeds that have made Rico famous with players worldwide. Acquired by D'Addario in 2004. 




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